Akash Solar combines more than thirty years of research, design and development experience in solar photovoltaics and efficient lighting systems to create solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers. Through our longstanding relationships with established energy research institutes, global manufacturers, and retail partners we are able to deliver innovative photovoltaic solutions to the marketplace.

Among our partners are:

Ningbo Solar
Ningbo, China


Ningbo Solar Electric Co., LTD is a world leading manufacturer of Photovoltaic (PV) Solar panels. Established in 1966 as a producer of mono-crystalline ingots for the semiconductor industry, NBSolar began manufacturing solar cells and panels in 1978. As a demonstration of NBSolar’s commitment to global leadership in the PV industry, it established the Ningbo Solar Energy Institute (NSEI). The institute is staffed by leading PV experts from China, Japan and Germany, and has achieved worldwide recognition for its technical and engineering excellence. For more information, please visit

ECBL Group
Dhaka, Bangladesh

ECBL Group is comprised of Engineers and Consultants Bangladesh Ltd. and KNASH Engineers Ltd. was established in the year 1981 and has since grown into a premier engineering organization in Bangladesh providing engineering services from the stage of conceptualization to detailed planning, design, engineering project management and implementation for a varied and diverse set of projects. The professional staff of ECBL Group comprises of engineers from various disciplines, architects, planners, environmental specialists, scientists, sociologists, economists, financial analysts, project management and quality assurance experts. ECBL Group also has an active panel of associate consultants, engineers and advisors who are internationally known in their fields of expertise. It also has a comprehensive IT Division providing in-house computer facilities.

School of Illumination Science, Engineering & Design
Jadavpur University

Kolkata, India

The School of Illumination Science, Engineering & Design at Jadavpur University in Kolkata, India is a major center for lighting research and development in India. Supported by both the State of West Bengal and the Government of India, basic and applied research are carried out for various lighting technologies at this school. This school is engaged in pioneering work to develop low wattage and long life LED lights for applications in solar home lighting systems in rural villages of West Bengal.

Hi-Tech Luminaires
Kolkata, India

Hi-Tech Luminaires is a Kolkata, India based manufacturer of energy efficient light fixtures specializing in LED lights for use with solar home lighting systems. These low weight and high efficiency light fixtures allow small size (20 watts or less) solar panels to provide adequate electric lights for a village households. Many of these light fixtures are now in use the villages throughout West Bengal, India.

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